• Sino Resources Mining Corporation sets a great example for the International Gem Mining Industry

    26 Mar 2010 Hong Kong, April 12, 2010: Sino Resources Mining Corporation (SRMC) today announced the company has completed its original agreement with local government in Bokeo, Laos to settle compensation from previous mine operators. In a bold step and to keep up with its environmental achievement, SRMC believed it is necessary to show commitment to the local community by rectifying previous environmental damage caused by previous mine owners.

    "This settling of compensation is to reinforce the world-class environmental and good neighbor practices that set Sino Resources Mining Corporation apart from other gem mining companies," said Simon Hsu, SRMC’s CEO. Being sustainable is a core part of SRMC’s mission and we strive to 'leave the land in a condition equal to or better than we found it'.

    SRMC has established has achieved a unique place in the gem mining industry. In place at its Lao subsidiary, Lao Sapphire Mining is a concrete policy to engage the community and to ensure adequate land compensation to local farmers. In addition to this, SRMC has in place a team in Laos solely devoted to land restoration. SRMC restores mined and excavated land almost immediately after the sapphire bearing gravels has been removed.

    About SRMC
    SRMC is an innovative, quality driven, sustainable and vertically integrated resource company. We are the world’s premier producer as well usage innovator of natural sapphires. Between our operations SRMC produces 2,250,000 carats of raw sapphire a month. What sets SRMC apart from others in sapphire industry is our inspired strategy - we are the first in our industry to work towards seamlessly integrating all the multiple processes from mining to retailing. SRMC brings the beauty, energy and magic of sapphires to life.

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